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Armies of the Forest: Killer Ants

The legends are well known to people across the world; swarms of destructive ants which consume any creature slow or daring enough to remain within their range, even humans. They overcome their prey, stinging and biting from all sides. In the case of sufficiently large prey, they enter the nasal passages and mouth of the victim and kill it through asphyxiation. The corpse is sliced up into manageable pieces by the powerful mandibles of the insects and carried back to their nest. The stories depict infants and old people as the victims of these ants. The insects invade at night, when most people are asleep, and attack their victims. By the time the prey wakes up, they are completely engulfed by the ants and under attack via bites and stings. The end results are commonly tragic and unsightly. Continue reading

Acrididae_grasshopper; by Alvesgaspar from Wikimedia Commons

The Locust Plague

For thousands of years, man has been haunted by plagues of the small but destructive creatures known as the locusts. They have been considered curses and punishment by many people throughout history, for the destruction and deadly consequences they leave behind are no small issue. Locusts migrate for far distances and in vast numbers. The multitudes of these insects in one swarm are more than enough to easily overwhelm the natural predators they have in any area. With such overpowering plagues, man’s struggle with these swarms has been a losing battle for much of history. Continue reading